A Scandalous Liaison
Harlequin Historical Undone

A Lost Love...

Six years ago, the rakish Viscount St Austell betrayed his best friend and his own sense of honor by seducing Lionel's sister, Loveday Trehearne. Now St Austell has hired Lionel as an artist and is reunited with Loveday once again. Though she is as beautiful as ever, Loveday lives in poverty...and a different sort of mystery seems to be haunting the Trehearnes, too. The scandalous viscount is determined to help Loveday despite her resistance—but his toughest challenge will be fighting the passion that still burns between them....

Release Dates:
Available for download - August 1 2010
Also in Mass Market Paperback Anthology - Delectably Undone! April 1 2011

About Undone ...

The first thing is - these are short reads. And I mean short. Between 10 - 15 thousand words, which is not even novella length. I think this has been a problem for some readers who were expecting a full length novel and were slightly shocked to find the whole thing done and dusted so fast. They are also intended to be sensual reads, so bear that in mind when ordering one for download. It took me a while to get down to writing this one to be honest. I found the very short length quite daunting. I discarded any number of ideas, but finally, to my immense surprise Evelyn Fitzhugh strolled into my head unheralded and with a story to tell. He insisted that his name was Evelyn (pronounce Eve-lin) and vetoed all efforts to change his name. In the end I thought if Georgette Heyer could get away with a male character called Evelyn then it was good enough for me. Loveday was just as stubborn about her name. Trehearne is in fact a Cornish name and Loveday was once not uncommon in Cornwall as a given name, so at least the names fitted together.

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